High Speed Railway Terminus at Jurong East

Plans are underway for the High Speed Railway Terminus to be located at Jurong East which is near to Twin Vew Location. The high speed train will link the 2 cities, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in an agreement to connect the 2 cities better. The traveling time by train will only be 90 minutes between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

There will be a total of eight stations of which the one in Singapore will be in Jurong East. The other 7 will be in the different states of Malaysia. The high speed railway serves as a faster mode of transport between the 2 cities and Twin Vew is located near to the High Speed Railway Terminus.

Educational Site Right Beside Twin Vew Location

Twin Vew Condo represents a perfect opportunity for buyers who are looking for a brand new development next to an educational institution. According to the latest master plan, the site in front of Twin Vew is slated for educational development.

The educational plot of land may have a lower plot ratio compared to Twin Vew. This would mean that the middle to high floor units maybe unblock thus providing a rare unblock view of the West Coast Vale area.

Rental Potential for Twin Vew Condo’s Location

As Jurong will be the next Central Business District in Singapore near to Twin Vew Location, there will be many upcoming infrastructure making Jurong a place that is highly livable coupled with many of the facilities available in the Jurong area. Currently, there are many offices in the Jurong area such as the JTC Summit, IMM Exchange and the upcoming Vision Exchange.

With Ng Tech Foong Hospital up as well, Jurong will become a vibrant place to work and therefore there will be rental demand for properties near to Jurong. Twin Vew Condo at West Coast Vale is located just minutes away from the business district and there will be rental demand for Twin Vew.

Why Twin Vew Location is a Good Investment

  • Located Near Major Shopping Centres in Jurong

    Twin Vew is located near to major shopping centres in the Jurong area. Shopping Centres such as Westgate, JEM Shopping Mall and JCube are located near to the development. The area of West Coast Vale has also turned to a private residential enclave with many iconic developments located near to Twin Vew.

    Some of the developments at West Coast Vale include Botannia, Monterey Park Condominium, The Infiniti as well as Carabelle is located near to the development

  • Parc Riviera Sell Out Project by EL Development

    Analysts note that there will demand for properties around West Coast area due to its proximity to the Jurong area. Parc Riviera, which is just right beside Twin Vew, is fully sold out which ascertain that there is underlying demand for competitively priced properties.

    Parc Riviera consist of 1 to 4 Bedders and the face that it is sold out shows that there is demand for different layout types.

Twin Vew China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co Location

Twin Vew is a 99-years located at West Coast Vale. Commuting to other parts of Singapore will be very convenient as Twin Vew is located near to Jurong East MRT Station. Also, for residents who prefer to commute by bus, there are many direct routes that go to other parts of Singapore such as the Central Business District area as well as Jurong East.

Bus Interchange & MRT Near Twin Vew Condo Location

  • Jurong East MRT Station
  • Clementi MRT Station

Location of Shopping Mall Nearby Twin Vew West Coast

  • Westgate
  • Jem Shopping Mall
  • JCube
  • Big Box
  • IMM Jurong
  • The Clementi Mall
  • CityVibe

Schools Nearby Twin Vew

  • Qifa Primary School
  • Nan Hua Primary School
  • Clementi Primary School
  • Tanglin Secondary School
  • Japanese Kindergarten

Twin Vew’s location represents a city fringe condo in private residential enclave near to the Jurong Central Business District area. As there are plans underway by the government to turn the Jurong Central Business District into a place of work and play, Twin Vew location is highly sought after as it is located just minutes drive away from the central business district area.

Twin Vew is located at West Coast Vale in Singapore. The area has access to other parts of Singapore and it is convenient since one can visit other parts of Singapore through the Jurong East MRT Station. One can access other parts of Singapore through the buses located in the area. Twin Vew is located in an area that will provide a luxurious lifestyle for you and your family. Twin Vew Condo is located at West Coast Vale near the business district and therefore there will be a rental demand for the condos. Twin Vew is also located right in front of Parc Riviera is which a fully sold out project by EL Development. Twin Vew Condo is expected to be fully sold also as it has the same location attributes as Parc Riviera.

Twin Vew Location Near to Jurong Central Business District

Also, there are plans underway for the High Speed Railway Terminus to be located at the Jurong East area. Therefore, residents of Twin Vew as well as resident’s near to the West Coast Vale Location will have an easy time traveling to Kuala Lumpur as well as to other parts of Malaysia for a weekend getaway. Twin Vew is also located near to many established schools and institutions for families with school going children.

Twin Vew China Construction Location will have upside potential as it is located near to many private residential enclave and also due to the fact that Jurong is the next central business district.

Please see Twin Vew site plan and floor plans for more information.