China Construction Development Developer for Twin Vew

China Construction Development Company Pte Limited (South Pacific) otherwise known as China Construction Development Organization, is a China Stat Construction Engineering Corporation, CSCEC, local subsidiary. China Construction Development Organization started its construction jobs as a BCA (formerly known as CIDB) contractors registered with G4 status with a $5 million tendering limit. Throughout the years, China Construction Development Organization has grown tremendously and has successfully acquired and finished a vast number of construction developments. The organization, which began with four staff-strength, has currently renovated itself from a minor firm dealing with sub-contracts to estimated main contract launch of above 700 staffs and skilled workers who are about 4,500.

China Construction Development Developer for Twin Vew

Currently, China Construction Development Organization, a listed contractor of A1 rank by BCA, enjoys limitless tendering capability. Among the finished and known projects of China Construction Development Organization include;
Projects – Novena health Centre, Hotel Hainan Mandarin, Swimming club (Chinese), Country club (SAFRA Yishun).
Projects – Cote d`Azur, condominiums such as Edelweiss Park, Warren View, Garden Vista, The Linear, Lakeholmz, Faber crest, Bishan point, Seletaris as well as Ris Grandeur, MUP17 Kallang Bain, N6C5 Woodlands, MUP14 Precinct Kallang Basin, Bedok city Centre C6. China Construction Development is the developer for Twin Vew West Coast Vale. It is due for launching soon.

As the government plans to decongest the central business district of Singapore, more businesses are expected to shift to the Jurong Central business district, as a result of which prices of property in the nearby areas are increasing rapidly. Additional since the sales of land owned by the government are limited, many developers are interested in purchasing more land. As a result, there were a large number of bidders for a 99 year leasehold plot in district 5 of Singapore. The auction for the plot was won by a Chinese developer, which had a winning bid of $292 million, narrowly beating the next highest bidder MCC land and have planned residential condo named Twin Vew on the plot.

China Construction Development Co West Coast Vale Condo

Projects involving institutions – New Campus for Republic Polytechnic, Technological University of Nanyang expansion of the facilities for teaching, Phase 3B, Anglo school for Chinese, Techno Plaza for research located in the Technological University of Nanyang, St. Andrew village situated at Potong Pasir as well as A&A Raffles Institute.
Project – Building B for cargo agents for Singapore`s Civil Aviation Authority, enterprise one located at a road known as Kaki Bukit, Parcel D of Tuas Warehouse.
Engineering projects – Coast Guard headquarters for police and Trinity Christian Centre located at Paya Lebar.

Twin Vew West Coast Vale

China Construction Development Organization aims to provide construction services that are comprehensive and of high quality to its clients by tapping on its many technological talents and a management system that is strong. China Construction Development Organization is proud of being a quality contractor with good and steady CONQUAS tallies for many of its projects.

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