JCube Twin Vew Condo China Construction

The magnificent JCube was opened on April 2nd, 2012. This Chinese-owned shopping center is situated in the Singapore`s Jurong East region. The shopping center is termed a distinct business place because of its unique business hours. The premise is opened for business from 10 am to 10 pm. This makes it accessible to clients at times when it is convenient to shop minus any hurry. The premise is managed by an Asia real estate company known as the CapitalMalls Asia. However, the shopping centred is owned by CapitalMall Trust. This makes it efficient for coordination and handling of tenants of the stalls easy because there is a close relationship between the management and the ownership of the premise. It is located near to Singapore.

The condos present you with the wonderful chance of enjoying quality recreation facilities with your family. For instance, if you have children, they can enjoy they can enjoy themselves in the spacious playing ground. Other facilities that are available for the property owners include swimming pools, tennis courts, and gym facilities. At the Twin View Condo, you will certainly find suitable plans that match your specific housing needs. Note that some of the units have as many as 4 bedrooms. Furthermore, if you wish to have new modifications, you can rest assured knowing that it will be done for you.

Twin Vew Condo near to JCube

The outstanding aspect of the shopping center is that it is the first Olympic-size rink in Singapore. It is also considered to be the first IMAX Theatre in the suburbs of Singapore. The entity has approximately one hundred and fifty stores as well as services. This implies that it stands on a total retail floor of close to 210000 square feet. The entity has six floors and has a packing capacity of 340. The name for the facility was conceived in 2010 in a naming competition. This resulted in the conception of the JCube name. The J in the name denotes the location of the mall. That is the Jurong region. The other name Cube implies to the nature and design of the structure. Being that the structure was designed to adopt a cube-shaped name it, therefore, got its JCube name from it. The development is located near to Twin Vew West Coast Vale. Twin Vew Near J Cube is by China Construction Development.

JCube near to Jurong Lake District

The structure of the shopping center was developed or rather designed by two renowned architectures. That is the RSP Architects together with Benoy. The entity`s origin can be traced from the great Jurong Entertainment Centre. This was a shopping center located in Jurong East in Singapore. The first opening of the center took place in 1993. However later in 2008, it was closed then demolished for reestablishment. The initial center had a retail capacity of about 110000 square feet. It on this structure that the renowned that Fuji Ice Palace was featured.

JCube Shopping Centre West Coast Vale Condo

It was the only Ice rink in Singapore at that time. Later in 2000, the premise got converted into a Cineplex. This did not last long; in 2005 Capital Mall Trust acquired the premise at $68 million hence prompting the 2008 closure for redevelopment. The redevelopment work ended in 2011 at a cost of $138.2 million for asset enhancement and it was given the new name JCube.

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