Twin Vew Condo Located at Jurong Lake District

Singapore’s developing district and a decentralization project by the Urban Redevelopment Authority features Jurong Lake District, well described as a city within a lake covers about three hundred and sixty hectares. It offers an opportunity for growth through modern developments and distinction of activities. Previously with two boundaries that for commercial and leisure activities but recently develop a current multicultural setting having an all-inclusive and sustainable living. Below is brief view of the boundaries.

Jurong Lake District

This is one of the distinct places within Jurong with a myriad of commercial activities lying on fifty-seven piece hectares. Twin Vew Condo Jurong Lake District is located at West Coast Vale. Modern socio-economic amenities developing in the gateway include The Ng Teng Fong General hospital, Genting Hotel, Westgate and Box, Offices at Venture avenue that are all set to offer more opportunities for employment and enhance better living matching a contemporary lifestyle. With a well-developed road network connecting various terminals and extending to the lake city, public transport is easy and cheap. Communication systems are well established, and therefore communication at Jurong is on another level. Road networking is still in the pipeline to have walkways at ground level to allow easy commuting with few distractions.

Jurong Lake District Twin Vew Condo

This is a leisure hub neighbouring Jurong Lake on a seventy-hectare land. With spacing put in mind, landscaping in this region caters for families with a view of gardens and closeness to water. This creation is purely set to bring an environment-friendly settlement with an integration of modern technology. There are national parks and gardens fit for horticulture which will be implemented by 2020. Twin Vew Condo is located at West Coast Vale near to Jurong.

Jurong Lake District West Coast Vale

Through innovations and more excellent research, there will become a science center that will attract more scientific discoveries aimed at developing Jurong Lake District and other neighbouring districts. With adequate knowledge of urban developments in Singapore set to meet global recognition, this is the opportunity that you have been looking for. Jurong Lake District is the next matchless icon and center for growth

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