Twin Vew Condo Near to Clementi Town Singapore

The town previously known as Sussex Estate named after Sussex County in England has evolved over the years in the areas of politics, demography, economics and education. Names may have had their changes over the years but Clementi town in Singapore has over the years maintained its identity and values.

Brief History of Clementi Town

Clementi town has had its name changed from Sussex Estate to Clementi Road; it was also once named reformatory road and now Clementi town. The land that houses Clementi town was once an army base which then housed the Singapore Guard Regiment which was then disbanded in November 1979. The town has 4 constituencies and 7 neighborhoods having been designed to be a self sufficient town. Twin Vew Condo Clementi Town is a new development by China Construction located at West Coast Vale.

Steel Truss Railway Clementi Town

The steel Truss Railway Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of Clementi town. The bridge offered a transit route for both raw materials and finished goods into and out of Malaysia. The rail line which was to be closed in 1990 was for some years a key part of the economic vibrancy of Clementi town, creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs and jobs for locals.

Twin Vew Condo Near to Twin Vew Condo

The town is not your typical town; as it has no major mall but that has been remedied by the multiple retail shops, food stalls and wet markets that ensure that all the shopping needs of the people are met. The town also has the Common wealth Cinema which is a four story shopping complex that was remodeled and renamed to City Vibe. The town further has the West Coast Plaza that provides the HDB areas with the many restaurants that it houses. Strides have been made to erect a five story retail center providing various amenities and a public library.

The town is well set up and designed to be self sufficient. Despite its rich history, the town has over the years developed and adapted with modernity. From the various amenities, areas of education, transport and politics, the town has over years moved along with the changing times and is a good place to live.

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