West Coast Park China Construction Twin Vew Condo

West Coast Park is a renowned regional park that is found in South-West Singapore. The linear park which is sometimes termed as the Play Center In The West’ sits on a 50 hectare piece of land, parallel to the West Coast Highway. Located in the center-core of Area 3 is Adventure Play Area which serves people of different ages including toddlers. Adventure Play Area is found right in the heart of West Coast Park and it’s the most active area of the park. West Coast Park is located near to West Coast Vale Condo Twin Vew by China Construction Group located near to Jurong Lake District as well as the Jurong Central Business District.

West Coast Park Venue at Twin Vew Condo

If you want a quiet, serene and relaxing environment, the Eastern part of the park found in Area 1 would be the most perfect place for you. The western side of the park has also been uniquely transformed and turned into to a beautiful haven for park visitors who want to engage in adventurous and challenging activities.

One of the main advantages of the residential project is that it is located close to the Clementi MRT , Jurong East MRT station and Jurong High speed railway terminus allowing the residents to quickly and conveniently travel to any part of Singapore or nearby countries like Malaysia.

West Coast Park Beside China Construction Twin Vew

There are a lot of things to do in West Coast Park. They include Barbecuing where you can cook your own fancy food and eat it while you are outdoors. West Coast Park has nine BBQ Pits which are located in Area 2. You can have fun moments at the Adventure Playground which contains 8 play sets and obstacle-courses. Whether you are a parent, teenager or a child, this place is a hit for everyone. For kite-flying enthusiasts, there is a three hectare Kite Flying space found in Grand Lawn. Come with your own kite and have fun flying it. To watch the birds, Visitors can take a stroll through Marsh Garden where they will find the striated heron and white breasted water-hen.

Twin Vew Condo West Coast Park

Do you love to spend a great night outdoors? Well, West Coast Park has designated camping areas where you can set up a tent. To camp here, all you need to have the camping permit. Also note that camping is only allowed in The Area 3 of the park. There are a lot of things to enjoy in West Coast Park. Regardless of age, this place has everything for everyone and it is even wheelchair accessible.

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